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Subject: U-2S - Lockheed / WR-ALC Det 2 - Serial #80-1085
Date: 4/21/2008

Notes: This U-2 is seen while on a test flight after having been refurbished at the factory. The paint has yet to be applied. Note: Watch for the chase Camero on landing. (File Size: 25 Megs)

Subject: B-1B - 419th FLTS - Serial Unknown
Date: 5/23/2008

Notes: An Edwards B-1B makes a low level high speed run over the range during a test sortie. Awesome sound. (File Size: 9 Megs)

Subject: NP-3D - VX-30 "Bloodhounds" - Side #300 BuNo 158227
Date: 7/17/2008

Notes: One of the range support P-3s from VX-30 comes in to land. Years ago this Orion was used in "Project Magnet" as RP-3D #227 and nicknamed "Paisano Tres" (Friend No 3). (File Size: 9 Megs)

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