Gripen Test Fires the IRIS-T Air-to-Air Missile

The IRIS-T missile is seen mounted on Gripen Test Aircraft 39D 1/16/08
Photo: Gripen

1/16/2008 - An important milestone in the integration of IRIS-T with the Gripen fighter, was achieved on 8 November 2007 at the Vidsel range in northern Sweden when Gripen fired the IRIS-T, within visual range (WVR), missile with an operational target seeker for the first time. It was a high g-load test firing using a fully operational missile without a warhead. The test was completely successful with the missile finding and shooting down the designated target.

With IRIS-T, the Gripen’s close combat capacity is greatly increased, a significant factor in international operations. The missile is being developed to combat targets at short range and is also designed to strike targets behind the firing aircraft.IRIS-T will enter service alongside the Cobra HMD (Helmet Mounted Display) System, giving the SAF Gripens a formidable new combat edge.

Development and production of IRIS-T is being carried out in a European collaborative project involving six different countries; Sweden, Germany, Greece, Italy, Norway and Spain. The industrial consortium is led by Diehl BGT Defence from Germany, and Sweden is participating through Saab Bofors Dynamics, which is responsible for the Aircraft Interface Unit (internal and external wiring and communication) and Signal Processing Unit (missile computer) and accompanying image and signal handling.

IRIS-T will initially arm Gripen, Eurofighter, F-16, F-18 and Tornado aircraft and will eventually replace the US-produced Sidewinder missile.

Saab’s task of integrating the IRIS-T into the Gripen fighter came from a Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) contract awarded at the end of 2005. The first test firing under the framework of the order, a ballistic non-guided firing, took place in June 2007. This latest firing was the next step in the integration programme, which will continue during 2008 with more test firings from other weapon stations on the Gripen fighter.

Source: Gripen Press Release

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