Direct Hit for Eurofighter Typhoon

11/12/2007 - The Eurofighter Typhoon Combined Test Team (CTT), comprising staff from BAE Systems and the Royal Air Force, has successfully completed the first mission to drop a laser guided bomb, scoring a direct hit at the Aberporth range in the UK.

The trials aircraft, BT005, flown by Flt Lt Dave Bowlzer from 17 Squadron and BAE Systems test pilot Paul Stone, completed the first fully laser guided weapon release using the Litening III laser designator pod (LDP). The weapon dropped was an Enhanced Paveway II which was successfully guided onto the target to achieve the direct hit. This live weapon release follows a series of trial sorties with the LDP and dummy weapons to prove the mission and avionics systems.

This significant achievement means that the team is some way ahead of the planned schedule to deliver a full precision guided air to surface capability in advance of Eurofighter Typhoon’s expected Operational Employment date in mid 2008.

Commenting on the achievement of this significant milestone, BAE Systems Eurofighter Typhoon Project Pilot Mark Bowman said: “The successful proving of this important capability, reaffirms the significant progress we are making in meeting the multi-role requirements expected of this cutting-edge aircraft. The planning and execution of the trial has set new standards for future co-operative trials activities in the UK. BAE Systems fully identifies with the value of combined trials and looks forward to supporting increasing levels of activity in this expanding area of flight test activity”.

Following analysis of the results, further operational tests and evaluations will take place in early 2008.

Source: Eurofighter Press Release

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