EADS Successfully Tests Fighter Missile Warning System on Danish F-16

10/30/2007 - EADS Defence & Security (DS) has successfully completed the first flight tests of its MILDS F Missile Warning System (AN/AAR-60(V)2) on a Royal Danish Air Force (RDAF) F-16 combat aircraft.

The test included 5 flights at day and at night with different test profiles, and has verified the basic capabilities of MILDS F (= Missile Launch Detection System, Fighter). A lot of data, including potential false alarm sources and missile simulations, were successfully recorded for analysis. The Missile Warning System, developed by Defence Electronics, an integrated Business Unit of EADS Defence & Security, is installed in the Terma developed modified wing weapon pylons PIDS+ (Pylon Integrated Dispensing System +) & ECIPS+ (Electronic Countermeasures Integrated Pylon System). The system is operated from the Terma ALQ-213 Electronic Warfare Management System (EWMS).

MILDS F is a missile warning system which detects and tracks the UV emissions of approaching missiles including the most prevalent threat of heat -seeking shoulder-launched missiles. It comprises 6 sensors and 1 processor providing spherical coverage of the aircraft. It is using the proven key components of the very successful MILDS (Missile Launch Detection System) missile warner, which is operated as the standard missile warning device on helicopters and transport/mission aircraft world wide. In the field of electronic self-protection and missile warning, Defence Electronics is involved in the defensive aids systems of the Eurofighter, the A400M transport aircraft and the Tiger and NH90 helicopters.

Jørn Dollerup, Danish Acquisition and Logistics Organisation representative, says: “I am pleased that the system is operating as planned and I believe the system, when operational, will be a very valuable EW asset, especially when operating from deployed air bases where IR missiles can be a serious threat."

Representatives from the Royal Norwegian Air Force were present at the flight tests that were conducted from Airbase Skrydstrup in September 2007.

Source: EADS Press Release

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