40th Flight Test Squadron F-15B Becomes Target

The 40th FLTS F-15B #75-0080 is prepared to be moved from Eglin AFB to the range for use as a target in testing.
Photo: Staff Sgt. Mike Meares

10/12/2007 -Dennis Schlitter, DynCorp Aero-repair, helps position the hovering F-15 as a driver backs the flatbed trailer underneath it for transport to an Eglin range Oct. 12. Indyne Inc., U.S. Targets and the 46th Test Wing is moving a F-15 to Range 52 for future testing missions. The crew, lifted the aircraft, collapsed the landing gear and hoisted it onto a flatbed trailer to be transported to Range 52 off Range Road 213. They are scheduled to move the jet beginning at 2 a.m. Oct. 13.

Source: USAF Eglin Press Release

The crane has the aircraft suspended while the truck backs in for loading.
Photo: Staff Sgt. Mike Meares



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