Successful Flight Tests of Tranche II EJ200 Eurofighter Engine Performed

10/1/2007 - Hallbergmoos - The first Tranche II EJ200 engine made its first flight from Caselle di Torino Airport (Italy) on September 14, 2007. The Tranche II standard EJ200 engine was installed in the Eurofighter IPA2 aircraft for flight testing purpose. In these days the first phase of flight tests was completed. During the test, the Eurofighter IPA2 aircraft carried out supersonic flight and handling manoeuvres. The EJ200 engine behaved perfectly during the tests and exceeded all expectations of in-flight verifications.

For flight test purposes, a Tranche II engine was installed in the right-hand bay of the IPA2 aircraft in combination with a Tranche I engine in the left bay. With these tests, the compatibility of a Tranche II engine in a Tranche I aircraft was demonstrated.

Between November and December 2007, a second phase of flight-testing with two Tranche II engines in a Tranche II configured IPA2 aircraft will take place. In this final phase, the test of the Tranche II propulsion system installed in a Tranche II aircraft will be completed.

Source: Eurofighter Press Release

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