The Bundeswehr Technical Center (WTD 61) Celebrates 50th Anniversary

WTD 61 F-4F Phantom II #37+16 taxis out in it's bight new 50th anniversary scheme.
Photo: Gerhard Plomitzer

9/21/2007 - On Saturday, September 15, 2007, the German Bundeswehr Technical & Airworthiness Center for Aircraft (WTD 61) celebrated their 50th anniversary. To mark the occasion, the center held an open house and air show that day at Ingolstadt - Manching Airfield in Bavaria, which is where the center is based.

Many modernday aircraft were listed to fly at the show, including: Tornado, F-4F Phantom, Eurofighter, UH-1D, CH-53G, Bo-105, Tiger, NH-90, EC 135, EC 145 and Transall. Numerous historical aircraft were listed to fly as well, including: Me-108, Me-109, FW-190, Me-163 BS, North American T6 and CM 170 Fouga Magister.

"Spooky" is seen juggling WTD 61 logos on the bottom of 37+16.
Photo: Gerhard Plomitzer

The stars of the show turned out to be the two WTD 61 aircraft that had been repainted in a special bright orange scheme, which honored the 50th anniversary of the center. The aircraft repainted were the Tornado IDS  #45+03, and WTD 61's old veteran, F-4F Phantom II #37+16. Each aircraft was painted in the same basic scheme of bright orange, trimmed in lighter orange, red and black. Numerous interesting details were included on the paint, including mathematical formulas that were written in various places on the fuselage. The schemes are finished off with a large blue WTD 61 logo on the tail.

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