BAE Celebrates Over 12 Years of Typhoon Development

3/22/2007 - Warton, United Kingdom. - Celebrating over 12 years of development flying, the UK’s six Typhoon development aircraft are pictured together for the first time at BAE Systems facility in Warton, Lancashire just prior to the retirement from the fleet of the UK’s first two Development Aircraft, DA2 and DA4.

DA2 has been the lead aircraft for developing carefree handling, envelope expansion and flutter flight (trials designed to test the aero-structural dynamic stability of the aircraft). DA4 was the avionics development aircraft including radar and other sensors. Both aircraft have now re-located to RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire. The longer term aspiration is for the preservation of DA2, the UK’s first Typhoon development aircraft, which achieved so many of the significant milestones on the development programme.

The remaining four aircraft in the development fleet – Instrumented Production Aircraft (IPA)1, IPA5, IPA 6 and British Trainer (BT)005 will continue the extensive Typhoon flight test programme.

IPA1 and IPA5 will further develop the carefree handling, weapon system performance and integration as well as defensive aids subsystem integration, whilst BT005, a shared asset with the RAF, will conduct precision guided weapons integration, defensive aids subsystem integration, helmet equipment assembly integration and operational evaluation.

IPA6, the ‘new kid on the block’, is due to fly for the first time later this year and will be instrumental in achieving Tranche 2 Type acceptance.

Trevor King, Typhoon Director Aircraft Programmes at BAE Systems said: “These development aircraft between them have pioneered ground breaking technology and been the focus of much hard work and success by our teams over the years.

“With the remaining development fleet we continue to work with the customer to ensure we optimise Typhoon’s performance well into the future. These development aircraft are key to our success in providing both the Royal Air Force and the other partner air forces with an effective weapon system at the front line.”

Source: BAE Systems Press Release

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